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Clint was a successful independent gospel singer for 32 years, inspiring audiences at hundreds of churches across the US with his diverse vocal style that included classical, contemporary, traditional, country, southern gospel, and big band. During that time, he recorded 7 solo albums and helped many aspiring singers through workshops, individual training, studio coaching, and written materials. He served in church music positions in Ohio, Indiana, and Colorado and retired from his active traveling ministry in 2013.

Besides his music career, Clint has also worked in Christian schools, radio, and non-profit organizations and continues to complete voice-over projects for various needs.

Clint is dedicated to his Christian faith and the study of God's Word. He is a proud father of three sons and grandfather of seven, and has been happily married to his wife since 1982.

Online Vocal Training Examples

Singing Past

32 years of traveling ministry, 7 full recording projects, and many lives impacted. Here are just a few samples of a few songs from the past.

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